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What a great day. The prevailing easterly winds, which has been giving problems for some time now, were gone and a southerly wind at the mid to top of B rig was in all day.
Tony set a very good course and with the steady breeze it did not need to be changed. Let’s hope we get similar conditions for the upcoming QLD IOM Championship.  It would make for a very good regatta.  Congratulation to our winners: Greg, Warwick and Gary.          BC


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Once again the weekly wind pattern stayed true. On Fri we had great southerly winds which make for a good course. Once again it swing to the east on Sat. Although we had very good wind we were once again faced with a start line that could not be sited and boats sailing directly away from you to the bottom marks. In our favour, the wind strength was good and there was no weed  etc to make our lives difficult and the event was sailed in good spirits. All in all there are a lot worse places to sail.  Russell Gray sailed very well and kept Brad honest. Very well sailed Russell.  If you look at the results it was Britpop, Britpop, and Britpop.

Congratulations to our winners: Brad Russell and Mike.