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What had the potential of being a great day at Emerald Lakes had to be called short due to a gov look down to come into effect at 1600. We were able to get 9 good races in before we had to call time to allow he skippers time to be home by 1600.  We were fortunate to have Gary McCarthy, Brian Sheering and Peter Sherwood sail with us today. It was a pleasure to have your company and hope to see a lot more of you in upcoming events.  Congratulations to our winners: Brad, Allan and John.          BC


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The Covid restrictions are having a heave effect on visitors from Brisbane or from south of the boarder. The wind was from the west and required B rigs to be used by all boats, The small fleet made for competitive racing.  Congratulations to our winners: Peter Warwick and Mike.  Andrew was sailing his new, beautifully prepared timber Corbie.          BC



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The wind was WSW at approx. 20 kph. Once again Brad set a very good and fair course. The handicap racing was very close with only three points separating the top six places.

Richard sailed very well with three first  and a second included in his score. He asked me to point out although Brad beat him by 1.4 points, Brad only had one first so it was a moral victory to Richard. I am sure his results will be spoken of at Banora Point on Monday.

With all the excitement of Richard kicking Brads butt, it should be remembered that Bill Croston took out out the day. Well done Bill.

We had Will Charlton and Steve Lucas sailed with us today. It was great to see you and please come again.          BC


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A WNW breeze of approx. 12 klm provided good sailing conditions. Brad set a fair course which required little change throughout the day.

Several of our regulars attended the CQLD held at Harvey Bay. I have heard they had very light winds for the majority. Here’s hoping they will get better conditions tomorrow.

We welcomed back Allan Walker who sailed very well to get a second place in today’s event.

Congratulations to our winners:  Brad, Allan and Peter.          BC


What a contrast to last week when there was barely enough wind to get around the course. Today between 10am and 2pm the wind at Seaway Tower gusted from 17 to 26 knots. In between these bullets there were plenty of dead spots with frequent 30 degree changes of direction.

A really challenging day but Dan Bergan came out on top from Mike Cosgriff who won the last three scratch races, 

Peter Burford was third and may well have finished higher if he had put his keel in the correct way. He sailed the whole day with the thing in backwards!

It was freezing cold and we knocked off early to get a hot drink.

The final points were: Dan 20, Mike 24, Peter B 26, David Page 31, Byron Humphries 37 and Peter O 50

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The forecast B rig southerly did not arrive. The wind strength was mid A rig SSW. The wind was shifting all day. Brad had an assistance to day with two of the self-positioning buoys being used as top marks. The buoys performed flawlessly throughout the day and held their set positions well. A couple of skippers said they had a bit of difficulty judging the marks a they are larger than our normal buoys. I intentionally tested the marks to see if they would hold their position when hit by a boat. No matter what position or how hard I hit the marks they maintained their station.

Andrew withdrew from racing after 6 and performed the RO duties. This enabled him to quickly reposition the buoys in the shifting conditions. Many thanks Andrew.

We were fortunate to have a couple of visitors today. Mark and Murry came down from Springfield Lakes to sail with us. Mark was rude enough to win the day. Well sailed Mark.

Congratulations to our winners: Mark, John, and Mike.            BC

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14 skippers entered today’s scratch club championship event. The wind was an enjoyable top of the A rig from the SSW. Brad was able to set a fair course and the sailing very competitive.

We were fortunate to have Murry with his new K2 sail with us. It was a pleasure to have you down with us and hope you enjoyed the day. Please feel free to join  us whenever you can. Hank also sailed with us but unfortunately broke down early in the event. Hope you are also able to sail with us on a regular basis.  Richard sailed well and caused Brad some difficulties  keeping Brad on his toes. Greg was down to remove another bolt from Brad’s trophy.  Brad was relieved at the end of the day and was herd to say he was on his way home to replace one of the bolts Greg has taken out this year.  Congratulations to our winners Brad, Greg and Mike.          BC

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Another beautiful A rig day at Emerald Lakes. The SSE breeze provided very fair conditions and all skippers were on their best behaviour.  Graham’s new K2 was very slippery and gave the fleet a hurry up on several occasions.  We used Andrew self-positioning buoy today. It was positioned near the starboard end of the start line so any movement could be judged. The buoy work flawlessly holding its position. It could be repositioned easily and is showing a lot of potential.  Congratulation to our winners: Brad, Graham and Mick.       BC