Leading the score board at the South Qld DF95 regatta today before he departed for home, Geoffery Morris sat out from the crowd. With his trusty dog companion and dare to be different relaxed style prompting a local to start their child in the new PRYC infant sailing program.

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PRYC's 2022 Championship Presentations ceremony included a thong throwing challenge, a four entrant fisherman's hat competition (won by creative design - "Flathead" fish chapeau with needles to prevent birds roosting) and of all things - a  poetry recital !   The tasty generous Aussie Christmas  lunch included prawns, dessert and a bar tab. Even the raffle had added mirth, with the popular sweet honey reward for first raffle tickets going surprisingly to two very junior guests who had keenly waited all day asking when would the tickets be drawn. Winning smiles were on display.

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Peter Burford has done us proud winning the RC Laser 2022 Australian National Championship yesterday after winning this year's club RC Laser Scratch championship  & the Queensland RC Laser championship earlier in the year. 

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'Nod of approval' from our first documented user of new #2 wharf on the eastern bank of Emerald Lakes - John Daley DF 65 #43 

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Rapid progress today as new walkways and pontoons are now in place awaiting the bracing cables to be attached and final concreting of path to the new second fixed platform.

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 Adjacent to the PRYC verge parking area at Emerald Lakes twelve bolloards broken off  by car vandals have been replaced by CIty of Gold Coast in under a month. 

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The second launch platform support beams made of light weight recycled plastic are now in place

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Let's hope this helps to encourage bike riders and make it safer for everyone on and near the pathway. 

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It's a slippery slope to serious radio sailing and things can get "down and dirty".

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 Our very own Ray Richardson has reinforced & assembled the first five DF65 radio controlled yachts for our nearby State High School.

The school has recently purchased 10 DF65's  for a radio controlled yacht unit of study as part of an established Sailing Program at the school.

Ray along with the club are delighted with the school initiative and are keen to be further involved to support the school.  

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"David's" View which explains why the shed will need to be cleaned out for the second time this season.

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