Allen Walker (former PRYC Commodore) has taken out First Place in the Queensland DF95 Championships with Laurie Hinchcliffe ( PRYC's Sailing Secretary & Halcyon Vision DF95 Fleet  creator) securing the Second Place trophy positiion.

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While some other PRYC Fleets gave Saturday racing a miss due to the rain, our 10R Fleet braved the conditions and Covid-19 Border crossing delays to enjoy the NSW Lake Kimberley Challenge.

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Laurie Hinchcliff is PRYC's Sailing Secretary and an IOM, RC Laser, 10R and DF95 skipper. He has recently fostered a whole new group of radio sailors. 

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 Today -   High tech quad bike surveyor riding past the IOM Fleet one way and then the other.  What's all that about?

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