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Workshop Presenter ANNE WALKER demystified 'HMS' for student skippers.


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PRYC skipper Mike Jefferys won the second round of the Dragon Force 2017 interclub series, to now make it two interclub regatta wins in a row. Congratulations to Mike and well done to our 9 PRYC skippers who travelled to Carbrook today to attended the event. Thank you to Brisbane Radio Yacht Club for hosting the well-run event and to all officials and skippers for making it a “vocally” enjoyable race day.

Check out full results, race report and race videos @ RC Yachts

DFR2 2017 Challenge

Dragon Force Interclub Challenge Round 2 Trophy Winners: From left -Ian Robertson (SLMM) 2'nd, Mile Jeffreys (PRYC) 1'st & Grant Lihou (SLMM) 3'rd. [ I.Lobley image]

This is the tenth year of PRYC yacht racing at Emerald Lakes.

To mark that milestone, a keen group of skippers gathered to record the occasion

and update an old web site photo with a new look image.

Old PRYC beach image





                             Original Emerald Lakes PRYC beach scene.









PRYC boat shed fortunate to survive the recent flooding submergence with minimal damage.

Read more: PRYC boat shed flooding

In typical nautical explorer fashion, PRYC skippers have come up with names to describe locations around Emerald Lakes: ‘The Woods’, ‘Dragon’s Den’, ‘Round the Bend’, ‘The Point’, ‘East of Eden’, ‘Eastern Arm’.

Today an excavator working at Emerald Lakes was busy removing “Flower Pot Point”.

Seems the ‘Laser Lounge’ (beach area) available to yacht racing is about to get bigger.

More good news for PRYC.

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Ever wonder what Rex Scott (PRYC IOM skipper) gets up to when he is not racing at Emerald Lakes?

We know he is good, but what do his other mates really think?

Check out this article from page 7 of latest (March 2017) edition of ‘Volunteer Marine Rescue V-sheet’ magazine published by Volunteer Marine Rescue Southport.

Rex Scott VMR article


Our first DF fleet captain’s quietly spoken manner and welcoming and supportive focus fostered the development of new skippers to radio control racing. He set an example by sharing use of his boat and assisting newcomers to get their sails set on numerous occasions.

Notable during his tenure was the DF yacht sail tuning and rules workshops and the first ever DF interclub ‘Dragon Force Challenge’ event (2016).

Now with his home sold, and awaiting a move to a yet to be completed lifestyle community home, Tony’s caravan is on the road for the next few months.

With that happening, Tony Dallimore has handed the DF fleet captaincy onto our willing and enthusiastic newly elected RG65 DF Fleet captain Charmaine White.

We look forward to # 89 being back on the water more regularly when Tony moves into his new home.

In the meantime, we wish him safe & happy caravanning and thank him for all his efforts in managing and developing the DF fleet.


Tony freely sharing his knowledge at the PRYC Dragon Force Sail tuning workshop.

2017 Queensland 10R Championship

See Results and Race Report here.

Well done to the ten PRYC Dragon Force skippers who travelled to Springfield Lakes to attend and support the first round (first of 3) of the 2017 Dragon Force interclub regatta series.

Congratulations to PRYC skippers, Mike Jefferys and Ian Ashe for taking first and second place in the event and to Sydney skipper Paul Martin in third place.
Details of the event hosted by Springfield Lakes Maritime Modellers can be seen here

Club Secretary Peter O'Grady announced launch of new Paradise Radio Yacht Club web site.

Peter paid tribute to the dedicated volunteer efforts of the web site designer Eddie Cowell.

Eddie assists radio control yacht racing clubs throughout Australia. He created not only the new PRYC site, but also designed and administers the ARYA, QRYA and RC Yachts web sites.

Honoured to be nominated to host “2017 Championship of Nations” International RC Laser Yacht Racing Regatta.