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The forecast B rig southerly did not arrive. The wind strength was mid A rig SSW. The wind was shifting all day. Brad had an assistance to day with two of the self-positioning buoys being used as top marks. The buoys performed flawlessly throughout the day and held their set positions well. A couple of skippers said they had a bit of difficulty judging the marks a they are larger than our normal buoys. I intentionally tested the marks to see if they would hold their position when hit by a boat. No matter what position or how hard I hit the marks they maintained their station.

Andrew withdrew from racing after 6 and performed the RO duties. This enabled him to quickly reposition the buoys in the shifting conditions. Many thanks Andrew.

We were fortunate to have a couple of visitors today. Mark and Murry came down from Springfield Lakes to sail with us. Mark was rude enough to win the day. Well sailed Mark.

Congratulations to our winners: Mark, John, and Mike.            BC