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Paradise Radio Yacht Club IncEmerald Lakes

We sail International One Meters, International Ten Rater, International RC Laser, Dragon Force 65 and Dragon Flite 95 class yachts. Prospective members are asked to contact the relevant yacht class Fleet Captain before purchasing a yacht and before applying to join the club.

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Paradise Radio Yacht Club LOGOThe club’s aim is to promote the sport of radio controlled yacht racing and foster a positive environment for all members.

The club was formed in 2007 by a group of IOM sailors looking for a venue that offered fair sailing breezes and allowed all sailors the opportunity to compete fairly. After spending some months looking at a large number of different Gold Coast venues, Emerald Lakes was chosen.

Emerald Lakes is centrally located in the Gold Coast region. The estuarine lake is fed brackish water from the Nerang River and is therefore, free from freshwater ‘weed’. The sailing area has a north/south aspect and the adjacent large open parklands provide mostly uninterrupted air flow.

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Adjacent to beach and boat ramp @
Lakeside Drive
Emerald Lakes Parklands
Carrara Q 4211

More Location details.


class of yachts

We sail International One Meters, International Ten Rater class yachts, International RC Laser, Dragon Force 65 and Dragon Flite 95 yachts. Check out "Classes we Race" drop down menu at top of the home page and our Class Comparison.

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Race Days
Race Day             Time Boat Class
Tuesday   11.00 AM to 3 PM Dragon Force 65
Wednesday   10.00 AM to 3 PM RC Laser
Wednesday   11.00 AM to 3 PM 10 R (Ten Rater)
Thursday   12.30 PM  to 3 PM IOM (International One Metre)
Friday   11.30 AM to 3.30 PM Dragon Flite 95
Saturday   11.00 AM to 3 PM Dragon Force 65
Saturday   10.00 AM to 3 PM RC Laser
Saturday   10.00 AM to 3 PM 10R (Ten Rater)
Saturday   12.30 PM to 4 PM IOM (International One Metre)
Sunday   11.00 AM to 3 PM Dragon Flite 95
iom logoPRYC International One Metre
Class Information

Our Club was originally established in 2007 specifically for the RACING of radio controlled IOM yachts which is the largest Class in the World, being raced in over 30 countries.

We have since altered our Constitution to provide for racing other classes, but the IOM remains our Principal Class with racing on Saturday afternoons [ 12.30-4pm or 12 races] and Thursday "TOP’s" [Thursday On the Pond] providing a more relaxed and social environment [12.30– 3.00 PM]. The IOM Saturday fleet regularly enjoys 10-20 starters including ex big boat sailors with World, Sydney-Hobart and National representative honours in their personal histories.

Our IOM fleet has also produced representatives to numerous World, European and NZ Championship events.

If you are looking for competitive RC yacht racing, this is the class for you.

PRYC International One Meter Fleet Captain: Bill Clancy Phone (07) 5598 1531

Skippers considering the purchase of a second-hand IOM yacht should ensure it has a valid measurement certificate.


iom logoPRYC International One Metre
Thursday IOM Information

Every Thursday, IOM skippers take to the water with a friendly competitive attitude for handicap racing. Generally, we have between 4 and 10 boats go through the start line. Racing rules are still enforced; however, the general attitude is a little more relaxed than on Saturdays. Sailing starts at 11.00 AM each Thursday and finishes around 3.00 PM. We generally have a break for lunch after 3 or 4 races and complete 12 races by the end of the afternoon.

All comers are welcome. Because generally someone will lend you their boat to try out, Thursday on the pond is a great opportunity before you take the next step of purchasing a yacht. Competitors from all Clubs are always made to feel welcome, so come and try the most competitive radio sport available.

PRYC TOP’s Fleet Captain: Mike Austin   Phone 0427837979

Skippers considering the purchase of a second-hand IOM yacht should ensure it has a valid measurement certificate.


iom logoPRYC RC Laser
Class Information

The RC Lasers were introduced to the club in mid 2012 and there is now an active fleet of about a dozen boats. Lasers sail on Wednesdays with the first race starting at 11.00 am and the last at 3.00 pm. The rapid increase in the fleet is undoubtedly because of its strict one-design which makes all boats uniform. A Laser comes in a distinct blue carry bag ready-assembled so no boat building skills are needed. With a new boat out of the bag, just add a radio and receiver and start sailing. The design is simple and exceedingly robust allowing Lasers to easily survive encounters with other boats and rocky shorelines. The relatively heavy keel and standard A, B, C and D rigs allow sailing in all winds up to 40 knots. With no mast stays and a single main sheet, rigs can be changed in under half a minute... more here

PRYC International Laser Class Fleet Captain:
Geoffrey Smith Phone 0459239171

65ne1wwPRYC Dragon Force 65
Class Information

  • DF65's are the smallest of PRYC yachts.


  • At 650 mm long and fully rigged, they easily fit onto the back seat of a car. 


  • PRYC's DF65 Fleet has over fourty skippers.


  • Race on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 11.00 AM to 3.00 PM.


  • Dragon Force 65 is a strict one design class which means that DF65 racing will never be an arms race where money rules.  ...more here


  • Before purchasing a yacht and or applying for club membership, please contact the Class Fleet Captain.


PRYC Dragon Force 65 Fleet Captain:   Julian O'Brien      Phone 0431930744

sail insignia 10rPRYC Ten Rater (10R)

The 10R division fleet sails every Saturday at Emerald Lakes on a course separate to the IOMs. Racing commences at 10.00am and we sail a minimum of 16 recorded races (weather permitting), completing at around 3pm. Thereafter social sailing takes place on demand, followed by informal refreshments, on demand.

The up to 14 strong fleet of PRYC members are often joined by visitors from other clubs and by prospective sailors, with the accent always being on a fair, fun - filled but competitive day...more here

PRYC Ten Rater Fleet Captain: Ross Capper  Phone 0467521313

Skippers considering the purchase of a second-hand yacht should ensure it has a valid measurement certificate.


95 logo off class info 2021

The Dragon Flite DF95 is our new kid on the block!

DF95 yachts are the 'big cousin version' of Dragon Force 65 yachts and are new to PRYC. 

 DF95 Fleet race on Friday at Emerald Lakes from 11.30 AM to 2.45 PM and on Sunday from 11.30 AM to 2.30 PM.

PRYC DF95 Fleet Captain: Ron Brown Ph 0450176522


See more DF95 class information here


Club Member of the Year

2011     Graham Fletcher
2012     Ann Walker
2013     Bill Clancy
2014     Richard Bray
2015     Ray Richardson
2016     Julian O’Brien
2017     Geoffery Smith
2018     Ross Capper
2019     Robert McKinnon
2020     Laurie Hinchcliff
2021     Peter O'Grady
2023     Ray Richardson 







6 Plan B Colour


Plan B International One Metre Racing Yacht

 Sedgmen card Capture

Stephen Sedgmen

MOB: 0417886296

EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Club Contacts

Secretary:  TBA
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
P.O.Box 5313 GCMC.9726
Membership Officer / Sailing Program Co-ordinator: 
Ray Richardson

Committee Members

Commodore: Rex Scott                Ph 0431901032
Vice Commodore: Frank Arowsmith    Ph 0403267917
Secretary: TBA               Ph 
Treasurer:  Ralph Eade        Ph 0408451933
Sailing Secretary:  Tony Fannin       Ph 075325438
Member: Murray Dunnett                   Ph 0449268903              
Member:  Gary Boulton                      Ph 0433063740  


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Secretary:  TBA
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